• Robo to Usakichi

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  • Robo to Usakichi Summary:

    From Sweet Indulgent: From Beyond the solar system, there is a small planet where a young boy named Robo lives. He hoped that his wish for a friend would come to pass with every day that goes by. But one day a mysterious rabbit humanoid, Usakichi, fell from the sky!! Usakichi said that he was an escaped fugitive from the army. To get a spaceship so he could continue escape he befriend Robo. But the army caught up with Usakichi! Robo wanted to protect his first friend Usakichi, so he in hope to save Usakichi he used the item that his late father forbid him to do! After saving his friend, Robo found out that this item has the power to destroy a Planet!! Using a large model and exciting artwork, the space road movie adventure is about to start!!

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