• Jibun Katte.

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  • Jibun Katte. Summary:

    From Shinmakoku Scanlations : Each time he gets a girlfriend, his childhood friend interferes! It feels like it would be wrong to pursue this feeling… Whenever Tomo gets a girlfriend, his selfish childhood friend Hideaki comes between them. Now that Tomo has a new girlfriend, he’s on the lookout, but nothing happens. Thinking the lack of intervention strange, Tomo then discovers that Hideaki has a new lover—a man! Maybe he was just showing off, but Tomo can’t forget how gentle his friend looked when he was worrying about love. A straight guy easily moved by kindness and affection × an egotistical hottie with a strong desire to monopolize. They can’t go back to the time when they thought they knew everything—a romance blossoms between friends.

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