• Haikyu!! dj - HQ + Kareshi - Bed Time

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  • Haikyu!! dj - HQ + Kareshi - Bed Time Summary:

    Haikyuu Kareshi - Bed Time Hinata Shouyou It’s my first time sleeping together like this with you. Uwahh, I’m really nervous. Look, my heart’s beating so fast, can you hear it? Kageyama Tobio You’re finally done? Dumbass, you’re so slow! I just got bored waiting for you! I-it’s not like I’m reading magazine because I’m nervous, okay! Ushijima Wakatoshi Why am I suddenly taking off my clothes? Sleeping together with you means that way, right? But I don’t really have confidence in it. Kuroo Tetsurou You completely forgot that I’m here and you always come to my room? What a lie ♡ Now, I can’t take it anymore, let’s go to bed, alright? Haiba Lev Tada~! Look! Look! Isn’t it cute? Rawr~ Ah, did you know? There’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they said. Well, in my case, it’s a lion! Akaashi Keiji Here, hot milk. You’ll feel better after you drink this. I just touched you a little and your face is becoming red like this, huh? You’re really cute (laughs) Oikawa Tooru What are you thinking when you’re about to sleep? Look at this Oikawa-san’s supple body, you can’t think of anything else, right? It makes you can’t sleep, huh? Iwaizumi Hajime What? You’re sleeping now? Why are you acting shy now? Me too.. I can’t hold it back anymore. Come here. Futakuchi Kenji Hmm? I’m excited because I listened to this upbeat song ♪ That’s a lie (laughs). What? You realized? Well, it’s convenient that way then.

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